Sept 1, 3:30pm | Brian Williams, Geography, University of Georgia | “‘That We May Live’: pesticides, white supremacism, and the agricultural racial state”

September 15, 3:30 pm | Marios Costambeys , Medieval History, University of Liverpool | “’Brother Bacchus’?: vineyards, landscapes and distinction in post-Roman Europe.”

Oct. 13, 3:30pm | Laurie Green, University of Texas at Austin | “Stirring Things Up All Over the South’: The Politics of Race, Gender and Hunger from a Comparative Perspective”

November 3rd, 3:30 pm | Scott Reynolds Nelson, History, University of Georgia | “Nitrates and ‘Hell’: The Apocalypse of 1866, Cheap American Wheat, and the End of European Hegemony.”

December 1st, 3:30 pm | Gretchen Sneegas, Geography, University of Georgia | “Producing farmers, consuming expertise: Land grant colleges and shale gas commodification”

January 26, 3:30pm | Bill Winders, Georgia Tech | “Technology and World Hunger: A Comparison of the Role of Technology in Four Global Food Crises”

February 23, 3:30pm | Rohit De, Yale University | “Who Moved My Beef! Economic Rights, Religious Rites and the Politics of Cows in Modern India”

March 2, 3:30pm | Nik Heynen, UGA Geography, “Toward the Abolitionist Commons: Abolition Ecology and the Racialized Politics of Property”

March 23, 3:30pm | Katherine Stevens, Oglethorpe College ( | “Backwater: Making Space for Slavery in the Red River Valley”

April 6, 12:30pm | James Scott, Political Science and Agrarian Studies, Yale University | “Agro-ecology of the Early State”